Cricut Maker 3

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Basic Use of a Cricut Maker 3

1. Turn on your Cricut Maker 3 and connect it to your computer. 2. Open Cricut Design Space and create your design. 3. Once your design is complete, select it and click "Make It". 4. Choose the material you will be using and follow the on-screen instructions. 5. Select the "Cut" material setting. When the Cricut Maker 3 is finished cutting, unload the mat and remove your design.

How to Make Printed Vinyl Stickers with a Cricut Maker 3

1. Design your sticker in Cricut Design Space. 2. Choose the "Printable Vinyl" material setting. 3. Print your design on printable vinyl paper. 4. Load the mat into the Cricut Maker 3. 5. Select the "Cut" material setting. 6. Cut out your stickers. 7.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to use printable vinyl paper that is compatible with your printer.
  • Print your design at the highest quality setting.