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Introduction to the Drill Press

The Drill Press is similar to a Hand Drill, but is much more repeatable. Like the hand drill, the Drill Press is used to make holes in plastic or metal, but the drill press automatically ensures that the hole is straight vertically, and vises and clamping jigs allow work to be held securely and safely.



Speed Adjustment handle

Vertical Handle





Safety Considerations

User Guide

Before starting a project using the Drill Press, you must complete the safety training detailed above and consult with Aaron.

Each time you use the Milling Machine you must follow the following checklists.

Before use
  • Fixture work-piece
  • Secure bit in chuck
  • Align piece to bit and lock in fixturing
  • Ensure proper cutting fluid is available
  • Ensure proper position of vertical stop
  • Adjust bed height as necessary
  • Ensure bed is locked
  • Turn on machine
  • Adjust speed to proper settings based on bit size and workpiece material
After use
  • Remove pit and workpiece
  • Clean up excess cutting fluid
  • Remove chips from the workspace

Manuals and Documentation

For more information on the use and maintenance of the Drill Press, see the following resources: