Metalworking Lathes

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Introduction to the Lathe

The Lathe Machine allows for the creation of rotationally symmetric parts such as shafts, standoffs, or parts with variable diameter, and features such as groves, threading or bearing nests. Lathe Machines should be used with metal or plastic stock that is nominally rotationally symmetrical.





Feed Shaft

Head Stock



Tail Stock

Tool Post

Safety Considerations

User Guide

Before Starting a Project on a Lathe Machine, you must complete the safety training detailed above and consult with Aaron.

Each time you use the Lathe Machine you must follow the following checklists:

Before use
  • Ensure ways are clear of debris
  • Ensure sled is clear of rotating jaws
  • Unlock all axies/make sure they are moving smoothly
  • Ensure tail stock is retracted
  • Fixture work-piece in jaws or collet DO NOT LEAVE CHUCK KEY IN MACHINE
  • Set power feed as necessary
  • Set spindle speed
  • Position cutter on the tool post or tail stock, ensure it is locked in place
  • Turn on work lighting
  • Lock x-axis if necessary
  • Position work guarding
  • Disengage E-stop
  • Turn on machine power
  • Engage spindle clutch
After use
  • Disengage spindle clutch, turn off machine power.
  • Lift guarding
  • Remove work-piece
  • Engage E-stop
  • Turn off work lighting
  • Remove and put away tooling
  • Clean work space of chips

Manuals and Documentation

For more information on the use and maintenance of the Lathe Machines see the following resources:

ENCO Lathe:

Smithy Lathe: