Mic stand

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by Sean Zheng

Project Overview

3d printed in 3 parts (due to print failure/design oversights) glued and "welded" together. Designed to fit one bolt with the right threads for my existing mount.

Tools and Materials

  • 3d printer
  • airbrush
  • (files all lost, dry)

Project Files

Step-by-Step Instructions

Modeled mic stand in fusion. Made the shape of the base with bezier curves, lofted it to a circle placed at the right height, on bezier rails between the two surfaces. Put cylindrical hole thru the middle to hold a mounting solution to be designed later.

Designed mounting solution. Cylinder to mate with the body, then a slot to fit the bolt in, that can be tightened on with the other side of the mic mount. This is split in half and printed on its side to avoid the strain from the weight of the mic tearing the layers apart. (this was also necessary because of the aforementioned print failure issues.)

(optional) welded and glued everything together with 3d pen, extra filament, and e4000

painted with airbrush.