Mushroom Boi Earrings

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by Daphne Suh

Project Overview

Mushroom earrings made from 3D printed plastic that were hand-painted with acrylic paint and given earring attachments so they could be worn.

Tools and Materials

  • 3D Printing Machine (Dwalin)
  • Plastic
  • Project files from Thingyverse
  • Red, peach, white, and brown acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes (small)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Resize the mushrooms before printing: I resized them to 40 mm

3D print them on the machine, in my case they were small enough that you could print both at once.

Paint the mushrooms to whatever color you want, add small details like dots and faces at the end with either the back of a paintbrush or a very small detail brush.

Glue earring attachments on with superglue or any other stong, long-lasting glue that binds well to plastic.