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This guide provides a basic overview of operating a ShopSabre CNC plasma cutter. It covers essential steps from designing the cut path in Fusion 360 to generating the machine-readable instructions (G-code) and using the ShopSabre software.

Software Requirements

Fusion 360 ShopSabre Control Software (version may vary depending on your model)

Hardware Requirements

ShopSabre CNC Plasma Cutter Safety glasses, respirator, and appropriate gloves

Safety Notice

Operating a CNC plasma cutter involves hazards like bright light, sparks, and fumes. Always prioritize safety by following the manufacturer's guidelines and using proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Designing the Cut Path (Fusion 360)

Create your design Sketch and model your desired cut path in Fusion 360. Set up Manufacture Navigate to the Manufacture workspace and select "New Setup." Stock Setup Define the size and thickness of your material under "Stock." 2D or 3D Toolpaths Choose "2D" for cutting flat shapes or "3D" for complex profiles. Select Geometry Identify the edges or faces that represent the cutting path. Tool Selection Choose a tool library matching your ShopSabre plasma cutter's capabilities. Toolpath Parameters Define cutting parameters like cut speed, amperage, and lead-in/lead-out settings based on your material and ShopSabre's specifications. Simulate & Verify Use the simulation feature to preview the toolpath and identify any collisions.

Generating G-code (Fusion 360)

Post-Process Once satisfied with the toolpath, go to "Post Process" and select a ShopSabre-compatible post-processor (consult your machine's manual for details). Configure Post Ensure settings like units, cut direction, and pierce options align with your ShopSabre software. Generate NC Code Click "Generate NC code" to create the G-code file containing the cutting instructions.

Using ShopSabre Software

Import G-code Launch your ShopSabre control software and import the generated G-code file. Material Setup Specify the material type, thickness, and cutting parameters within the software. Machine Setup (Optional) Depending on your model, you may need to set the machine home position and calibrate the torch height sensor. Safety Checks Double-check all settings and ensure the material is securely clamped to the table. Initiate Cut Once everything is verified, initiate the cutting process using the designated function in the ShopSabre software.

Additional Notes

Refer to the user manuals for both Fusion 360 and your ShopSabre model for detailed software-specific instructions. This is a basic guide, and some advanced features or functionalities may require further exploration. It's crucial to prioritize safety and wear appropriate PPE while operating the CNC plasma cutter.


ShopSabre Educational Videos: [1] Fusion 360 CAM Tutorials: Autodesk Knowledge Base (search for "Fusion 360 CAM tutorials")