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by Dasha Palenova

Project Overview

make your own pom-pom decoration

Tools and Materials

  • yarn
  • scissors

Project Files

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start by wrapping some yarn around your fingers. The more turns, the denser it will be, and the more fingers you use, the bigger it will be! Aim for a pretty thick layer, but be careful not to cut circulation in your fingers!

2. You can add another color! Just snip the end of the yarn and wrap another color yarn on top.

3. Snip the end of the thread leaving a few inches to tie the middle. Pass the thread in between your fingers (you might want to use a crochet hook or something for this step) and wrap it all around the middle of the “solenoid”. Tie it up.

5. Take it off your fingers. Be careful not to let the yarn unravel!

6. Tighten the not! Make sure it’s tight around the middle and won’t unravel if you pull on it.

7. Cut the loops on both sides by putting scissors through and cutting the top of the loops.

Fluff it up and there you go, you have your own pom-pom!

You can trim the ends if you want it to look more round

If you make a few, you can tie them together and hang them in your room. Have fun!